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Some of the Best Bonuses are in Bingo

If you’ve been concentrating on maximizing your free bonus cash around the casinos – and there are plenty on offer – you may have been eschewing the Bingo sites. But this would be a mistake as many of them offer complete “no-brainer” bonuses. What’s more – the best sites also offer on-going bonuses and free draws etc., which you’ll be entered into automatically as long as your account stays in credit. And with the initial welcome bonus to take advantage of – there’s no reason not to leave the account in credit as the cash is there for free in the first place!

And some of the best bonuses around the web’s gaming sites are to be found in Bingo. So it really is a case of ‘why not?’

One of the UK’s most popular Bingo sites,, is a good case in point. Here, the introductory cash bonus is a remarkably good 200% to a maximum pay-out of £125. So if you put in £20, for example, you’ll get £40 as a bonus and have a total of £60 to play with. But it gets even better than that as time goes on as you’ll also receive a second then a third deposit bonus – and it all happens automatically.

These bonuses are each 100% of your initial stake and to make things better still, ChitChat also has a Giant Bingo Jackpot, the biggest regular jackpot of its kind and – if you’re in credit - you get automatically entered into a daily scratch card competitor with a chance to win £100; all a bit of a no-brainer really – whatever form of online gaming you’re into.

So with offers like these around the web, it pays to hunt around and to leave your accounts in credit to be able to go into the free daily draws. Just check out first if they’re worth winning, have a go with the free cash – then leave a little “invested” for a potential windfall.



Some of the Best Bonuses are in Bingo