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Video Poker Rules:

The object of Video Poker is to get any of the Winning Combinations of Poker Hands. The winning combinations and the payout schedule are listed on a payout schedule attached to the machine.

Playing The Game:

You Deposit coins into the video poker machine to place your Wager. The Bet must be placed before you Draw your cards, and can't be changed once play starts. After your bet, you push a button marked “Draw/Deal”, this will result in you seeing your initial hand of Five cards.

You then decide if you wish to keep any of the cards in your hand. If you do, you push the “Hold/Cancel” button under the card(s) you wish to keep. In the event you change your mind and don't wish to keep a previously held card, push the “Hold/Cancel” button a second time and the hold will be cancelled. Make sure that there is confirmation on the screen that you have held the cards that you want to hold (the word “hold” flashes under your held cards). Press the "Draw/Deal" button a second time to obtain new cards for those not held.

If you have a Winning Hand the machine pays off and is then ready for another game. Some Video Poker games offer a DOUBLE UP - this means that you can DOUBLE your winning hand by selecting the DOUBLE BUTTON. If you select the Double Button, you must try and Beat the card that the Dealer has drawn.


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Video Poker Rules