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Are you man enough to play Bingo?

If you mention the word 'bingo' to men especially, their response will conjure up thoughts of old grannies turning up at the local bingo hall collectively armed with lucky charms, a set of dabbers and enough tea to sink a ship. It is widely known that bingo has predominately been a game played by women but were you aware of the shift with a rise in popularity between men as well?

Online Bingo

At a time when land based bingo ruled supreme, over 90% of the demographic were women but thanks to the rise in popularity of bingo online, the figure has shifted slighty to an 80/20 ratio with an increase in male players due to technological advances on the web and many wishing to play in the privacy of there own home. One possible link to this could be down to the boom in internet gaming in the last decade and a rise in the use of online betting websites with bingo just another extension of exciting web-based gameplay. Whilst there is a rise in males playing, one surprising statistic has dropped with the average age of blokes playing falling from 47 to a young age of 36!

One main reason behind this is the growing trend of players coming online to play and chat online with thousands of single women. With one man to every five women, the chance to flirt with many potential suitors has seen many men swap the bars and clubs for the better odds of finding a mate in between clicking the numbers off. There are even marriages that have been reported as starting over love at first full house!

Whilst you might be settled in love outside of the internet, many major websites are becoming aware of the masculine crowd by not only toning down the styles of their web pages from soft pinks to navy blues but offering tempting prizes of games consoles, smartphones and days out in order to feed their enthusiasm. The question is: are you man enough?!

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Are you man enough to play bingo?