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Online Bingo has grown massively throughout the world and the game has fostered a number of variations in both type and style. The game is played in small halls in big halls, in cool lounges and downtown bars, but most noticeably bingo is played on thousands computers around the world. Thus, bingo is now played online and the game is loved by people from all age groups and all social layers. Bingo lovers from around the world can choose from two types of bingo. These are bingo with 75 balls and bingo with 90 balls. In North America people play bingo with 75 balls, but people from the UK and other parts of the world play stick to the version of 90-balls.

Naturally both varieties are really popular both in online and offline versions. A typical game of 90-ball bingo has 3 stages. First you need to have the right numbers to fill out one line on your bingo card. In the next stage you need to the right numbers for two lines, and finally you need a Full House. A Full House means that all the numbers on your bingo card has been called. Naturally, the prizes depend on in which stage you get your Bingo. Not surprisingly, you get the biggest prize if you have a Full House.

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