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Online Craps Play and Dice Control:

Screenshot of a Typical Craps TableSeasoned gamblers know all too well that there are casino games out there in which they can actually secure a statistical edge over the house, through a variety of means and strategies.

Blackjack is one of these games and according to some, craps outcomes can be influenced as well, through something called dice control. Dice control is basically about influencing the outcome of a roll by tossing the dice a certain way.

Even though the idea appears to be rather far-fetched from the get go, there are quite a number of websites out there dedicated to teaching people how to control their dice. We will have to put it forth from the beginning that we do not believe in dice control techniques.

Even advocates of the approach admit that there is indeed a lot of room for error when one throws a pair of dice several feet, bouncing them off the wall. We take the idea further and we will call it as we see it: it is impossible to exert any sort of control over the dice in a throw which meets the requirements of the casino. There is a well-founded reason why the casino requires players to bounce their dice off the wall: that's what makes it utterly impossible for them to control the outcome.

Now then, proponents of dice control argue that the house edge being only 1.41% on a standard pass line bet, one only needs to gain an edge of about 1% in order to make things much more interesting. They claim that dice control is in fact good for a 1% odds gain. The problem with that claim quite obvious: no dice control technique will ever tilt the odds even a fraction of a percent in favor of the player.

An often preached dice control method recommends that players hold the dice “kissing” in their hands. When they throw it against the wall the dice have to remain kissing (facing each other) and they have to give them a sort of backspin for stability. According to the proponents of this method, if the dice strike the wall together, they will bounce off together in a linear way, which is plain old baloney because it simply won't ever happen.

Even the most convinced supporters of dice control will admit that when it comes to actual dice control efficiency, they simply cannot offer any sort of guarantees. In a word: there is no mathematical model behind the system and as such it is little more than an urban legend like fairytale that adds an additional dimension to the game for some of the more gullible players. They obviously recommend that people practice the dice control techniques recommended by their websites, which is little more than a thinly veiled attempt to get people to hit the tables and roll away.

The bottom line is that unlike in blackjack, there is absolutely nothing players can do to better their odds at the craps table. The sooner one recognizes and accepts that as a fact, the sooner he'll be able to squeeze more enjoyment out of an extremely popular casino game.

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